Workmates Premier Recruitment Agency in Bognor Regis


Workmates Premier Recruitment Agency is the longest established (1988), family owned employment agency in Bognor Regis thus giving us an applicant data base in excess of 25,000 for potential clients to choose skills from. We pride ourselves on our honest professional approach and our can do attitude. Whether you are a company seeking to expand your workforce, or an individual seeking a career change – Look no further, Workmates can assist you!

Managed Services

WORKMATES have offered solutions to our clients which have proven to be satisfactory in the staffing industry. We understand that recruitment can be a costly task and therefore, we are happy to provide our services at the most cost effective way. WORKMATES know how to save you money immediately, and improve your productivity or efficiency every day. We’ll work as an extension of your management team – in a completely open and accountable way.

We ensure our clients’ needs are met by understanding their niche requirements and offering a unique package to suit all. We use different techniques to distinguish what our client needs and use our expertise to find the perfect solution. As every company is different, our aim is to provide you with the best staff management and recruitment we have to offer. We also have a large base of onsite managed teams of WORKMATES flexi workers all employed on contract of services who are available at short notice.

If you’re looking for a unique tailor made recruitment package to suit you, please get in touch today!


Having gained a thorough understanding of your requirements, our specialists fuse skilled research with the latest computer technologies to provide a tailor-made solution. We regularly provide work forces of over 100 industrial temps with on-site management, for all sectors of industries.

Working Long-Term and Investing with Employers  

Our main aim is to develop and build upon working relationships to satisfy your staffing requirements. Solely on our beliefs and the way we conduct our work, WORKMATES has developed a list of impressive and loyal clients including the likes of blue-chip companies, local authorities and other prominent businesses who continue to use and are satisfied with our services.

If you would like to find out more about us at Workmates feel free to call us on 01243 842765 or 07766 541793 or Email us on: or